Interactive Storytelling

About workshops:

Age: 2+
Program structure: 4 workshops
Capacity: 10 children
Workshop duration: 60 min
Program price: 38 EUR / 286,31 kn (4 workshops)
Interactive storytelling

More about workshops:

Your children will be able to immerse themselves in the imaginative worlds of some of the most popular fairy tales and contemporary picture books during this workshop. The workshops are led by classroom teachers or actors well versed in storytelling and will answer or ask the children stimulating questions during the story. Listening and reading stories in the stimulating environment of our playroom will empower kids to ponder social relations and to perceive other people’s and their own feelings. In addition, this workshop intends to develop reading habits and creativity in preschool children.

Storytelling and listening encourage speech, emotion perception, memory, reasoning, and acquisition of new concepts.

Children will learn to retell stories, increase their attention span, and develop critical thinking skills.

Workshop content:

Creative thinking
Developing imagination
Fine and gross motor skills
Critical thinking

Workshop schedule: occasionally on Fridays from 16:30 to 17:30 h

Program price for the 2nd child from the same family: 34 EUR (256,17 kn)
Program price for the 3rd child from the same family: 30 EUR (226,04 kn)

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