Rent Blue World Playground

We can transform any space into a unique place to play.

Blue World is a unique rentable playground that provides unforgettable entertainment in your own space or at events.

The rental includes the service of transporting Imagination Playground® blocks, setting up play areas, and animation by professional Blue World animators. Our mobile playground can be quickly and easily set up indoors or outdoors, on any surface including parquet, carpet, linoleum, ceramic tiles, grass, concrete, or asphalt. We can place tatami mats on the base surface (usually indoors, depending on the agreement with the renter).

Spaces in which Blue World’s mobile playground can be used involve kindergartens, schools, sports halls, shopping centers, museums, parks, hotels, camps, hospitals, etc. You just have to provide 300-500 square feet of space, where up to 40 children aged 2 to 10 years old will be able to play at the same time.


Imagination Playground® blocks

Imagination Playground® blocks are an innovative product from the USA that we use in Blue World to provide our service and workshops.

The blocks are designed for various indoor or outdoor spaces. They are made of light cross-linked polyethylene foam which is non-toxic, waterproof, resistant to mould, sun, corrosion, and heat. In addition, the special type of molecular bonding used to bond the foam molecules ensures that the blocks are non-flammable. The blocks are soft and pleasant to touch, but still thick and strong enough to be used for play.They meet European standards on the safety of children’s toys, which have been accepted by the Republic of Croatia. When renting our mobile playground, we provide you with:

  • Big Blue Blocks set consisting of 105 elements in 17 different shapes
  • Angles set consisting of 46 elements in 12 different shapes
  • Curves set consisting of 46 elements in 12 different shapes
  • Connectors set consisting of 100 elements in 17 different shapes


Professional Animators and Logistics

The unstructured children’s play using Imagination Playground® blocks is supervised by educated Blue World animtors who provide you with an innovative service on-site.

Blue World animators are responsible for supervising children and for managing and maintaining the play area. They facilitate the play by setting the initial stages for children to begin playing, encouraging teamwork, promoting fair and caring behavior through leading by example, intervening as needed, and ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for children. As well as staff and equipment, Blue World provides a complete service of organizing the visit to your facility or home (transport, set up, maintenance, and service procedures) at a highly professional level.

Who can rent Blue World?

Through unstructured play, children develop their senses, cognitive abilities, and motor skills. By including Blue World in their program, kindergartens provide the added value of their service both to children and parents. Read more…
Playing with blocks motivates students to identify and solve problems, encourages complex thinking, and helps them understand basic relations in mathematics, physics, and natural sciences in general. Read more…
We can set up a children’s playground in any space, so while parents participate in the presentation, promotion, or anniversary celebration, they can simultaneously watch their children play with the blocks under the constant supervision of Blue World animators. Read more…
When using Blue World playground, children’s birthdays and other anniversaries at home, in the backyard or some other space, will surely be remembered for their uniqueness. Read more…
Introduce your visitors to a different service of children’s entertainment that develops their creativity, STEM skills, and simultaneously allows parents to do carefree shopping while their children are under the safe supervision of Blue World animators. Read more…
The flexibility of the Blue World playground makes it suitable for different indoor and outdoor spaces within a hotel or a resort. This allows parents to leave their children in a space where they will spend time emerged in quality play with our blocks. Read more…
In order to acquire teamwork skills and develop creativity,  Imagination Playground blocks can be used during team building activities in a corporate environment. Read more…

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