The rules of use of Blue World services are designed to enable safe, free, cheerful, and unforgettable play. By complying with the Rules, all participants contribute to making time spent with children fun, enjoyable and useful. Following the above, we kindly ask all participants (children, parents, Blue World employees) to abide by these Rules.

  1. Children 2-10 years old can stay in the play area. The stay of parents/guardians of children in the play area is allowed only in exceptional cases (please see rule no. 2) and with the permission of Blue World employees.
  2. Children under the age of 3, children with special needs, and children who do not speak or understand Croatian language or a language in which it is possible to establish communication, can stay in the play area only accompanied by a parent/companion with the prior approval of Blue World employee.
  3. Upon entering the playroom, the child must leave shoes, jacket, coat (or a similar item of clothing) in the designated area next to the play area.
  4. The child is allowed to play only if appropriately dressed (wearing clothes which do not restrict the movement of the child or other people) and must have clean socks or, possibly, soft slippers on his feet with the prior consent of the Blue World employee who let the child into the play area.
  5. Children’s stay in the Blue World is charged according to the valid pricelist or according to special offers (e.g. for group visits, birthdays, etc.).
  6. The child’s stay can last up to 3 hours.
  7. A maximum of 40 children can play in the play area at the same time. For the entire duration of the child’s stay, children are supervised by educated Blue World employees trained to work with children and to play with Blue World equipment.
  8. Upon child’s arrival, registration is performed, i.e. data on the child, parent/guardian, and service are collected (time of the child’s arrival, duration of service, time of child’s departure, awareness of the rules of conduct). The parent/guardian of the child is issued a certificate (Child pick-up form) which is later used to identify the child and their parent/guardian. This certificate must be presented when picking up the child after the child’s stay is finished.
  9. When checking in and checking out a child, it is necessary to present to Blue World employees a valid personal document of the parent/guardian that contains a photograph (identity card or passport). If the parent/guardian refuses to do so, Blue World reserves the right to deny the service. Once the child has been picked up, the document (Child pick-up form) is returned to Blue World staff.
  10. The child can be picked up only by the parent/guardian who brought the child (or a person authorized by the parent/guardian when bringing the child) and has a valid Certificate issued when bringing the child under point 7 of these Rules.
  11. A Parent/guardian must arrive at the playroom at least five minutes before the time scheduled to pick up the child so that the child can get dressed and leave the play area on time without disturbing other children who are coming to the play area for the next play term.
  12. Persons leaving children in Blue World agree to provide data on the child to the competent authorities, if necessary upon their request.
  13. Blue World staff may request a child’s healthcare card or child’s identity card in order to determine and verify his or her age. They reserve the right to deny the service if the parent/guardian does not present it, and also deny the service if the child’s age does not match the age stated in point 1 of these Rules.
  14. We recommend that children do not bring their toys into the play area, as we are not responsible for any loss or damage. If a Blue World employee suspects that a toy could injure a child in the play area or damage Blue World equipment, he or she will not allow the toy to be brought into the play area or may also request that the child hand the toy in question to an employee so that he or she could leave it in the wardrobe with the child’s belongings or give it to the child’s parent/guardian.
  15. For children’s safety, sharp objects, tobacco products, animals, chewing gum, ice cream, chocolates, other foods, beverages, jewelry, badges, and similar items with which a child could injure themselves or other children, endanger the health or could possibly cause any harm, are not allowed. If the child has brought any of the listed food products or items into the play area, Blue World employee has the right to ask the child to hand over such items or food products, which the employee will take to the child’s wardrobe or leave it at another appropriate place. The employee may also ask the child to take such foods or items to the wardrobe or another appropriate place or hand over such items or food products to the parent/guardian.
  16. No other persons except for Blue World employees are allowed to photograph and film children in the play area. Children may be photographed and filmed for promotional purposes only.
  17. Children suffering from infectious or other diseases are not allowed to stay in Blue World for the safety of other children. It is also obligatory to inform the Blue World staff about a child’s possible allergies, chronic diseases, disabilities, the need to take a certain medicine, intolerance to a certain type of food and drink, and other diseases or difficulties. If during the stay in the play area the employee notices that there has been a deterioration in the child’s health (the child complains of pain, the employee notices that the child has a fever and/or that the child’s general fatigue is visible and/or the child vomits and/or the employee notices/the child complains about frequent visits to the toilet and in all other similar situations) the employee will immediately and without delay inform the parent/guardian and ask the child to leave the play area with them.
  18. Children staying in Blue World without parents/guardians must be able to use the toilet on their own.
  19. During the child’s stay in Blue World, the parent/guardian who checked in the child to play in Blue World must be available on the telephone number he/she has provided as a contact.
  20. The parent/guardian of the child who caused the damage is responsible for any material damage to Blue World property. The parent/guardian of the child who caused the damage, under the Civil Obligations Act and other laws and by-laws, is responsible for any non-pecuniary damage, and especially for any possible injuries caused to other children.
  21. Blue World is not responsible for lost, missing, and stolen items, but in case items that do not belong to the Blue World are found, they will be kept and handed over to the owner who proves that they belong to him/her. If the real owner does not report the missing item within 6 (six) months from the day when Blue World noticed the lost item, Blue World can store the object outside the play area, give it to the children in need, or dispose of it appropriately.
  22. In the space of Blue World playroom, any illegal and immoral activities are not allowed. The Blue World reserves the right to ask anyone who does not abide by the rules of conduct and compromises undisturbed play to leave the play area. Blue World employees have the right to suspend a child from further participation in the play and immediately contact their parent/guardian to come and pick up the child. Until the arrival of the parents, the child will continue to be under the supervision of Blue World employees.
  23. In Blue World, parents/guardians leave their children at their own risk. Blue World is not liable for any form of damage caused by the child’s stay in Blue World. In particular, liability for possible injuries and injuries caused by improper, unsafe, and reckless use of equipment, injuries children inflicted on each other, the consequences of consuming any foods and beverages before arriving in Blue World, the consequences of possible infection, and the like are excluded.
  24. When the children/parents arrive at the playroom site, Blue World will present the parents with the Registration Form which they must sign before the child enters the play area. The text of the Application Form is attached to these Rules.
  25. Upon children’s arrival in the playroom, Blue World will present the parents/guardians with the Consent for the use of recorded material for marketing purposes for the needs of Blue World ltd., which they may choose to sign before their child enters the play area. The text of the Consent is attached to these Rules.

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