My First Math

About workshops:

Age: 3-5 | 6+
Program structure: 4 workshops
Capacity: 10 children
Workshop duration: 60 min
Program price: 290 kn/38,49 EUR (4 workshops)

More about workshops:

Math is often perceived as abstract, which creates an obstacle for children to successfully master, understand and realize its importance, purpose and beauty. Therefore, the workshops will encourage children to independently explore and come to new knowledge and conclusions, and they will learn about math through play, related to life situations. Getting to know and learning math has never been more fun!

The aim of the workshops is to bring numbers and geometric shapes closer to children in a simple way, as well as to connect math with situations from children’s lives. We develop memory, concentration and children independently explore and practice oral expression.

Through workshops, children master mathematical skills such as recognizing numbers, shapes and quantities, arithmetic operations, combinatorics and finally logical thinking and reasoning.

Workshop content:

Logical thinking

Workshop schedule: every Monday from 16:30 to 17:30 h

Program price for the 2nd child from the same family: 260 kn (34,51 EUR)

Program price for the 3rd child from the same family: 230 kn (30,53 EUR)

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