Let’s Play

About workshops:

Age: 3-5 | 6+
Program structure: 4 radionice
Capacity: 10
Workshop duration: 60 min
Program price: 290 kn/38,49 EUR (4 workshops)

More about workshops:

Learning the English language at early age is essential for children’s development. It helps them be more successful later in life and explore new cultures. Learning English language also creates many future opportunities for children and hones their communication skills even before school. The workshop is led by an English and Croatian language teacher who will help kids acquire their first English words and nursery rhymes through creative play with the innovative Big Blue Blocks. Since the teacher will be simultaneously leading games and educational activities in both English and Croatian, Let’s Play is also suitable for (ex-pat) children who are already proficient in English, but want to learn Croatian.

The workshops aim to formally introduce the English language and culture to preschoolers through unstructured play. It helps them acquire basic vocabulary, and improve articulation and listening skills.

In workshops, kids learn to recognize simple and children-appropriate English vocabulary, listen and understand short sentences and communicate confidently.

Workshop content:

Jezično izražavanje
Kritičko mišljenje
Komunikacijske vještine
Fina motorika

Workshop schedule: every Tuesday from 16:30 to 17:30 h

Program price for the 2nd child from the same family: 260 kn (34,51 EUR)
Program price for the 3rd child from the same family: 230 kn (30,53 EUR)

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